we keep your mail private

We believe that every user has a right to remain private and technology should help to achieve that.
c0x0.com helps to protect your vulnerable e-mail address by hiding it behind unrecognized alias.
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How We Protect Your E-mail

Hide Real Address

Hide Real Address

Share your real e-mail address only with trusted people. Third party services do not need to know your actual e-mail address.

Stop Spam at Will

Stop Spam at Will

While using aliases you can turn them off and on anytime you want. If you are tired of abusive mail - just disable alias or delete it.

Anonymity by Design

Anonymity by Design

Aliases are crafted to be random and impossible to guess. This gives you perfect anonymity and prevent from tracking by abusive services.

How Does It Work?

Create first alias
Create first Alias

During registration your existing e-mail address is automatically added as trusted endpoint. After initial login, you are ready to issue your first Alias!

  • Choose Name of the Alias
  • Click on the Button to create Alias
  • Your Alias is now active, and you can start using it
  • Aliases are permament and can be used for years
  • Try our browsers extensions for: iPhone(Safari), Firefox, and Chrome
What are the practical use cases for Aliases?

Having unique, non-trackable and anonymous alias have number of use cases

  • Makes cross-tracking based on e-mail impossible
  • Protect your identity when leaked online
  • Phishing protection - they are impossible to guess
  • Provide additional layer of security when used as Login because their random nature
  • Can be one-click disabled if you are reciving spam on alias and re-enabled when needed
Use It
We Handle Rest
How do we handle mail that arrives to alias?

Privacy of our users is most important thing. We believe that every user have a right to remain private and technology should help him to achieve that goal

  • When e-mail hit one of our servers it is immediately forwarded according to settings created by user
  • E-Mail message is never: stored, analyzed, read, modified or accessed in any way
  • Mail is handled using latest security standards, like TLS1.3, DNSSEC, DANE, MTA-STS, DKIM, SPF and more

Do you want to know more?

Use our FAQ section if you want to know more about our service, privacy and security.
Do not hesitate to ask questions.

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Frequent Questions

To start using c0x0.com you need to register - it's FREE. You do not need any technical knowledge or perform any changes to your current e-mail address.
You can assing aliases to any existing e-mail address or service.
You can use c0x0.com for free, it's where all starts. Free plan has limitations and miss some features - compare possible options on pricing page.
Privacy is our top priority. It all started with this point. We do not process your e-mail and we do not require any access to your inbox - never. When arrives to our servers, e-mail is processed only on technical level which is required to forward it to destinated address. See below how it works.
E-mail is very important asset. It is used everywhere, from social networking to bank account. In most cases people have one e-mail address which is shared with all services they use. It may have bad consequences...
First: in event of data leak/security breach criminals can easily locate all your accounts and use this information in malicious way. Second: e-mail is used to track your activity and also to profile you. By using random aliases trackers are unable to perform their job efficently. Third: random aliases prevent phishing attacks. When you generate an unique alias which is used by you at only one service - you can be sure that no one else can send legitimate e-mail to the alias.
Alias is an e-mail address that is attached to your primary e-mail address (real one). Usually aliases are used to identify incomming mail, for example: john.snow@north.com can use this primary address for friends, but for ones who know his secret he can use alias aegon.targaryen@north.com. Now he is aware that mail sent to this alias comes from one who knows the truth.
c0x0.com uses same principle to hide your real e-mail address. Usually c0x0.com aliases looks like this: f1de1c49df@c0x0.com
No. Disposable addresses are short-living and designed to be used once and then thrown away.
We designed c0x0.com aliases to be permament, "normal-living" e-mails connected to your real address. Of course you can delete them at any time and regenerate new ones (limits apply) but that is not primary purpose. If you are looking just for disposable e-mails probably there are other services that you will be happy with.
Not at this time. c0x0.com is forwarder only, we do not keep, process, store any e-mails at our servers. E-mail is delivered only to verified endpoints(e-mail addresses)
In the feature we might allow sending mails using our domain.