Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find most frequent questions we can hear regarding service.
If you cannot find right answer please do not hesitate to contact us! was founded to protect users privacy by hidding their real e-mail addresses
No. However you can delete alias, disable and re-create it at will. But remember that aliases are not ment to be disposable thus limits on issuance apply
We do not filter mails for spam. But whenever you discover that service abuses you, just simply disable alias, that way there is no way mail will arrive until you allow it back
Of course! You begin by setting-up free account, if you like it you can upgrade!
Limits are specified in pricing page. In general there are 2 limits you need to be concerned about: Number of concurrent aliases in use and SoftLimits. Both are bound to your Plan but only SoftLimits can be extended free when you reach limit
Security of your account is our priority. We are colectiong as little as possible, in particular we only collect your e-mail and name. This is all we need in order to provide this service. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more detailed information
SoftLimit is a numer of total aliases that can be issued in given Plan. For example in Standard Plan SoftLimit is 60 - this means you can issue total of 60 random aliases. HardLimit is a number of concurrent aliases issued and for Standard Plan this number is 30. So you can issue and use 30 aliases at a time and still replace them by 30 more. Do not worry if you reach SoftLimit we can extend it for you!
Absolutely not! We do not share any of your data to anyone. They are keept safe and private on our servers. Moreover we are limitting dependcy on 3rd parties to a necessary minimum. For example we are using our own Content Delivery Network
Alises are designed to look strange. They need to be random in order noone can link them to your account
Today anyone uses browsers that remember login information so there is no real-need to remember them. In you have ability to name the alias so you can always find them in easy way!
If your alias leaked, you just need to replace it with new one. No worry! Once you remove it noone can reuse deleted alias and you know what? Your real e-mail is still safe!
Hidding your real e-mail address protects your privacy by not letting 3rd party services to track you. In the event of data breach your real e-mail is still safe and only alias is compromised. Aliases also limit attack surface when used as a login. It is very hard to guess your login when it is random protect your information and hide your real identity. Hidding information like that improves your secutiy as potential data leak is useless as it do not contain any valuable information
Not at this time, is only forwarding service. We do not store and we do not process e-mail in any other way then needed to perform forwarding operation. We might allow sending mail in the feature.
No, do not analyze or process mail in any other way then needed to perform forwarding operation
Of course! You can host your own domain on To do this you need to subscribe to Premium or Developer Plan
People are really bad at random names and numbers. Aliases are ment to be random and not guessable. This is main principle of this service, thats why you cannot use custom names in aliases.
However custom aliases are available when hosting custom domain.
Yes there is API. You need to be Developer Subscriber to have access to it. Please read API section for more information
You can upgrade your Subscription or if you are developer and you are building app or system, please contact us
We log data related only with technical aspects of the service that is: your IP when interacting with website, browser type and version. We do not use any 3rd party tools to log user activity
No, domain used for aliases can change anytime but do not worry. Aliases already issued with the service are here to stay!
Before you can downgrade you need to remove aliases to a level of subscription you are moving to. Otherwise system wont let you change subscritpion
No. We are using 3rd party service - Stripe - to process payments. We do not store and we do not have access to your credit cards
No, it is not possible. Once deleted - alias is marked as removed - and cannot be restored. Data on it's usage are anonymized
Endpoint editig let you to change where e-mail is routed. To add additional protection layer in case someone stole your password we require to have Two Factor Authentication enabled
Of course not! E-Mail routed through our servers is immediately forwarded to desired destination. We do not process or collect any information related with mail send through our servers.
We are using latest possible technology available to protect your mail including: DNSSEC, TLSA, DANE, TLS1.3, DMARC, SPF and many more