Common Problems and Solutions

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What is Alias?
You can think of alias as a shield that protect your primary e-mail from the internet. Aliases are specialy crafted with random strings that looks weird but are perfectly valid e-mail addresses. It is not possible to guess who is behind Alias. You should always use Alias when registering to any internet service.
What is Endpoint?
Endpoint is a final destination of the mail send to your Alias. If someone send mail to Alias he/she is not aware of your endpoint - that means your Endpoint is always keep private. You can create multiple Endpoints. Endpoint should be your daily e-mail address, and you should share it only with trusted persons that you plan to exchange mails. For security reasons and to prevent spam, before you can use new endpoint you need to confirm ownership of the e-mail address.
What is Custom Domain?
When you upgrade to Premium subscription, you can add your custom domain to service. This gives you possiblitiy to create Aliases under your domain. For example, if you have domain, and you add it to, you can generate aliases like: way protecting your real e-mail addresses.
Can I generate custom alias? was designed to anonimize it's user base, that's why you cannot create custom alias on basic service. If you want to generate custom aliases (for example to use as alias manager for your domain) it is possible in Custom Domain option. You simply configure your domain MX and SPF records and you can create custom aliases.
What is API?
API let's you control your account, aliases and endpoints in a programic way. We are using REST and JWT tokens to access API endpoint. API access is ideal if you want to integrate into app or any other application.
What are SoftLimits?
SoftLimits are enforced limits to help us to fight with abuse. Purpose of the alias is to have long and happy life. It can be disabled or enabled anytime - and can be deleted whenever you want. However there are times when this feature might be abused, to prevent it SoftLimit is enforced. But do not worry in everyday use you probably never hit that limit, and if you do, please contact us.
I receive spam from the alias, what should I do?
The first thing you can do is to disable alias in control panel. Disabling alias makes it unavailable on our backend servers. This is not filtering - we are rejecing mail to that alias hard. This means noone is able to reach you as long as you enable it back.
I lost password. How can i get it back?
We do not know and we do not store your passwords. We are using one-way hash function to protect passwords you enter on our website. In order to reset password you have to follow steps described here.
How do you process payments?
Payments are handled by Stripe. Service bases on subscriptions. You can freely change subscription anytime. Subscription is not prorated (see below)
What is a minimum subscription period?
Minimum subscription period is one month.
I see negative balance on my account, what is it?
Negative balance means that you have probably upgraded and then downgraded your subscription. Since minimum length of subscription is one month, overpayment exist. This overpayment will be used in future invoices.
I lost my credit card / My credit card expired what should I do?
Do not worry. Under Profile in section "Payments and Subscription" there is link to online invoice hosted by Stripe. Click it and select new payment method